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Christian publisher, specializing in devotionals, Bible studies and guided spiritual journals.

The Pink Pulpit Crusade International

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 Submissions Guidelines

Please be sure to include the following items in your submission. Your proposal should not exceed 30 pages and should preferably be in the form of a Microsoft Word document.

  • A title and a subtitle.
  • A one-paragraph overview that explains the premise of your book, why you wrote it, and who you see the audience being (with any relevant demographic data you might have about the potential size of the audience).
  • A brief author biography (1–2 pages) that focuses on why you are uniquely qualified to write your book and what kind of platform you have to reach a wide audience.
  • A table of contents that outlines the book, with chapter and section titles, as well as brief descriptions of the material each chapter and/or section will cover. It should be no more than ten pages total.
  • A market analysis of the potential readership for your book, including a comparison to similar books. When comparing your proposal to other works, please briefly explain (just several sentences) how your proposed book differs from these titles. Please limit yourself to 3–4 books.
  • A sample chapter that is representative of the style and content of the larger work.

Price List (subject to change at ANY time without written notice) 

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